Health Insurance for Expat Employees and Their Families

Being healthy is the No.1 priority

What is an Expat Health Insurance?

Expat health insurance is specially designed for people who are living and working abroad. It provides coverage for medical expenses, including hospital costs, medical visits, prescribed drugs. It can provide peace of mind for people who are constantly in an unknown environment.

We work only with leading health insurers, like:

We're passionate about our work

We are proud of helping others. We’re dedicated to finding the right solution with real empathy.

We're trusted

We are an NBH (National Bank of Hungary) regulated broker. We understand the importance of transparency on who we are and what we can offer.

We're clear

Health insurance can be confusing so our team know the importance of accurate and jargon free communication.

Free advice that helps you find the right health insurance according to your needs

Health insurance seems to be complicated considering that all insurers offer several packages. We’re here to make it easy and clear. Whether you’re switching or new to health insurance, we will be there with you during the whole process and during the validity of the contract. We contact the health insurers so that you don’t have to.

About us

We are a regulated health insurance broker company with a team of healthcare consultants. We never charge policyholders for advice. Our business earns a commission from insurers, but only after a policy is taken out. There’s no interest for anyone in our business to recommend one policy over another. We give free advice that helps you find the right health insurance, tailored to you.

Why choose us?

Health insurance is available for expatriates and their family members.
Being Expat in Hungary, working in an Embassy or an international company or institute means finding the proper way everyday in an unknown environment.
Understanding health insurance plans can be confusing to most clients. We are working together with you to find the health insurance plan that best meets your healtcare needs. Everything we do – in the quality of insurance broker – is around our mission to help you improve your health, wellbeing and achieve your peace of mind.

We provide personalized services

Evaluation of your needs and circumstances

It is essential to understand the expectations and the health conditions of each person to be able to give suitable solutions. It is also important to explain what kind of benefits are available in the market.

Quotations from international and local health insurance market

After deep conversations we will be able to select insurers from which we will get health insurance quotations. We will offer packages which we find suitable and affordable.

World wide, European or local health insurance services and solutions

According to the activities of the client and depending on whether he has any other health coverage, we will make suggestions from which to choose regarding the territorial limits.

Recommendations – basis of your decision making

We will give you a clear picture on the basis of the competition made from which the client will choose the best solution. Naturally, we will make an independent recommendation, too.

Assistance in matters such as claims, membership maintenance and complaint resolution.

You will be assisted from the very beginning of contract preparation, through the administration and claim procedure, too. Should you need any information or intervention during the validity of the policy we will be the contact persons to call.

Group health insurances get discounts and additional benefits according to the size of the group.

Clients get better conditions should they be insured by a group policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us. We’re here to help you understand what the benefits of health insurance might be, in your unique situation – and if it’s not right for you, we’ll say so.

Our expert healthcare consultants are trained to listen, so they can understand all of the things you might be thinking about. The costs, the benefits, who’d be covered in your family, which treatments you’d be eligible for, and which you wouldn’t. It’s all about peace of mind.

We’re very happy to chat about health insurance in general with you. Our advice is free of charge. We’re paid a commission by the insurers we work with when you buy a policy from them.

Health insurances cover treatments which are not yet diagnosed by any medical provider. That includes all tests, consultations, medication, surgery, or other treatments from state owned or private companies. Most insurers consider that definition to look at five years of your medical history or more. This is why it’s so important to work through your medical history carefully.

If you take out a health insurance policy, but haven’t declared a pre-existing condition, then the likelihood is you won’t be able to make a claim for treatment connected to that illness or injury if something happens in the future.

Health insurance is individual as insured persons are different, cover is issued on an individual basis: insurers look at your medical history and other factors to understand what kind of premium they can offer you. If you’ve had a minor condition previously, or if you want to be certain what medical problems are included in a policy, we can explore full medical underwriting for you. This means you complete a detailed health questionnaire and give the insurer detailed information about your medical history. The underwriters will then weigh up the risks and offer a policy with a premium that reflects your health and lifestyle. That policy may exclude pre-existing conditions,  It’s very important to be completely transparent when you’re arranging health insurance. In the event of a claim, you want to be sure your illness or injury’s treatment would be covered. Leaving the details of a medical condition out simply isn’t an option – it’s the reason why we ask you to double check the paperwork so carefully when it comes through to you from the insurer.

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